Chromebook for college note taking

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Chromebook for college note taking

In most ways, Chromebooks are just laptops. Sure, they have somewhat different specs than your traditional Intel-powered, off-the-shelf notebook, but the big feature that sets them apart is Chrome OS. Chrome OS is, essentially, the Chrome browser in operating system form. With that out of the way, Chromebooks are ideal for more students than you might think.

Here are some students who can benefit from a Chromebook:. More people fall into these categories than you might think. After all, every year students spend thousands of dollars on laptops just for Facebook, Google Docs, Netflix, and Spotify. Those students could get the same experience, or better, on a more affordable Chromebook. Here are some people who should probably buy a different laptop:. If any of those sound like you, maybe a traditional ultrabook or Macbook is more your style.

However, if you just want to buy one piece of tech that does everything you need and you already understand, a Chromebook may not be your best choice. Doing that could, if you like what you see, even completely alleviate that last bullet point above.

Chromebooks are great options for more people than will likely consider them. Title photo made using tuulijumala Shutterstock. Additional photos by Kevin Jarrett and Matthew Cote. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter.

Alan Henry. Filed to: buying guide. Open kinja-labs.We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process. Tablets are perfect for on-the-go computing, thanks to their light weight and touch-based input hardware.

In fact, modern day tablets are 2-in-1 devices that can transform into laptops with accessories like detachable keyboards. Today, most tablets come with stylus support and can be used for taking notes and other similar tasks.

chromebook for college note taking

Students can use tablets to jot down notes during their classes, businesses can equip their employees with tablets to speed up overall workflow and enhance project collaboration; the possibilities are endless. Choosing the right tablet for your note-taking needs isn't exactly easy, given the wide array of choices available in the market. To help you out, we've rounded up the best note-taking tablets.

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Read all about the features that they offer, and then decide which one s you like the most. Ever since it was launched inMicrosoft's Surface Pro lineup has completely redefined tablet computing.

Now in its fifth generation, the Surface Pro isn't just the best note-taking tablet, but also a powerful 2-in-1 hybrid. It has a The new Surface Pen sold separately complements the high-resolution screen perfectly, allowing you to take notes, draw and do a lot more. The stylus feels as natural as pen on paper, having precision ink on one end and an eraser on the other.

It has 4, pressure points for enhanced sensitivity. There's Wi-Fi Microsoft Surface Pro runs Windows 10 Pro and has a battery life of up to If you have to jot down a lot of notes on a routine basis, you need a tablet that can go for long hours without needing to be plugged in. And that's exactly what HP's Envy x2 is. The Envy x2 can go for an astounding 22 hours video playback on a single charge. Not just that, it has a connected standby time of more than 40 days.

The reason behind the tablet's endurance is the SoC.

Laptop Buying Tips for Students: Windows or Chromebook?

HP Envy x2 features a Thanks to 4G LTE, the x2 allows you to always stay connected. There's a 13MP rear camera, as well as a 5MP front-facing snapper. The fact that it also happens to be a premium note-taking tablet, only makes things better.Every student needs a good note-taking system. The human brain, after all, can only store and retain so much information.

There's nothing wrong with relying solely on pen and paper and if that's your preference, go for it! But if you're reading Engadget, we suspect you're interested in some kind of digital equivalent: an app that can store those handwritten notes or, if you're ready to take the plunge, let you record everything with a keyboard or stylus.

It should be fast, intuitive and, most important, accessible from all of your favorite devices. There are dozens if not hundreds of note-taking apps to choose from. All of them, unsurprisingly, promise to make you an organization and productivity guru. If you're struggling to sift through them all, it's important to ask the following questions. First and foremost, eliminate any service that doesn't support your primary devices.

For argument's sake, let's say you own a Macbook Pro and an Android smartphone: You can immediately rule out any platform that doesn't support Google's mobile operating system, like Bear and Ulysses.

Because it's critical that you can access your notes anytime, anywhere. A good, reliable mobile app means you can speed-read some revision notes while sitting on the bus or waiting in line for coffee. It's also a decent backup if you forget to charge your laptop or tablet before class. If you haven't already, take a "learning style" quiz. It will explain whether you absorb and process information best with visuals photographs, diagrams, maps, et ceteraaudio podcasts, audiobooks, class recordingswords good old-fashioned reading and writing or some sort of physical, tactile representation looking at a globe, fixing a car by hand, et cetera.

You should then consider your subjects. What would be the best way to represent and digest the course materials? A photography degree, for instance, will probably cover some prolific shutterbugs like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. If you want to remember their lives and techniques, it makes sense to build some notes that contain a mixture of text and example images. Don't spend what you can't afford.

Set yourself a budget we have a guide for managing your finances too and dismiss anything that goes above it. Be wary, too, of "free" versions that lock basic features like offline access and cross-device syncing behind expensive subscription plans. You don't want to feel constrained by your note-taking app in class.

It's impossible to pick a single "best" note-taking app. Instead, we've made some suggestions that are tailored to specific users, devices and learning styles. Apple's iPad and Pencil stylus are a powerful combination.

The former gives you limitless paper -- both in volume and sheet size -- while the latter can seamlessly switch among a near infinite number of multicolored pens, brushes and highlighters. If you plan to use this combination for most of your college work, we recommend Notability by Ginger Labs. The software is a tad more expensive than GoodNotes 5, but we prefer its general look and side rail organization as well as the way it smoothes out handwriting.

Notability has a desktop app too, which is valuable if you occasionally switch over to a conventional laptop or PC.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Chromebooks have a relatively low entry point for everything they offer. Since the operating system is so lightweight, even modest hardware can keep everything running nice and snappy.

Where a Windows laptop for a similar price can get bogged down quickly, a Chromebook will often remain zippy even during heavier use.

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Given the low price point and very usable performance, Chromebooks are often looked at by college students—but it may not be that straightforward. Even in the age of Google Docs, a lot of professors still use and require students to use Word, Excel, and so on. Most students can probably get by with the online or Android app versions, which both work well on Chromebooks. They offer the most-used features and are really good for simple documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. However, they do lack some of the more advanced features the desktop versions of the Office apps offer.

So, that will inform your decision. Paying attention to the curriculum and anticipating what type of software you need will go a long way. If you want to watch some Netflix, YouTube, or other kinds of online video, a Chromebook will be perfect. While a Chromebook may not be a good one-device solution for you, it may still be the perfect laptop.

This is easily the best balance of both, assuming you already have a desktop. Comments 0. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.Well, look no further. I use my Chromebook as my main research and text editing machine. Keep in mind that different people have different workflows.

What works for me may not work for you. Therefore, be sure to read a little about each app before you install it on your Chromebook. My workflow is pretty much research. I do the majority of my work on my Chromebook, and it mainly consists of researching stuff around the web, clipping articles, pictures, and other tidbits, then presenting it in a chart.

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From that chart, I can take glances at what I need and then work it into my…work. Evernote takes the cake because it just works. It has more than you need for a basic noting app, along with everything you could want. When I first started using Evernote, I hated it. Over time, I actually got really efficient with the app.

It offers, to-do lists, reminders, general notes, voice notes, and even works across all your devices. Evernote basic is a free app, but it also has a premium paid version.

You can clip pretty much anything on the web- pictures, videos, text, articles, and more. You can save them into notes and notebooks to organize them. The search function is also amazing. It even works for images. If you save a picture with text or numbers, you can search for it.

You can even take notes by your pen or stylus if you have one, or just your finger. Evernote syncs across all your devices, and directly from their website as well.

chromebook for college note taking

You can access your notes as long as you have an account. The design and UI are intuitive and easy to use. The learning curve is super easy and you can pretty much do everything you need.

Check out Evernote here. It works very similarly to Evernote in the way that you can save pretty much anything you find online- pictures, text, URLs, etc. It also has voice input, just like Evernote. You can snap pictures if you grab the app on your phone as well. Everything you save from the web will be saved into your Google Keep. It also syncs across all your devices for easy access, whether you have Android or Apple. You can also go to keep.

What I especially like about Google Keep is that you can prioritize important tasks by dragging them up or down, and label them in whatever color. I put most important tasks at the top of a list and label it a bright color- such as orange.

Lower priority tasks go to the bottom with a darker color, such as green.Skip to main content Chromebook for Students. This is a great alternative to a full size laptop that has been prone to viruses and bloat ware. Simple to use. No programs or apps to deal with - just get on the interwebs and click away.

Kids use it for homework and watching videos mostly. I'll probably get one for each of them! Only drawback - no Delete key which slows typing some. See All Buying Options. Acer So far, this computer has been well worth what I spent on it.

chromebook for college note taking

This is my first chromebook and my first refurbished computer. I actually bought the first one for my teenage daughter but liked the weight and size of the screen so much that I bought a second one for me!!

11 Apps to Help Kids With Note-Taking

The response is very quick and it turns right on when I open it. That is one of my favorite features of this Acer computer, as I was previously spoiled with my Macbook. I am very happy with my purchase and very impressed with the quality of the computer. I would have never guessed in years that it was a refurbished product. It looks and functions just as I would expect a brand new one too.

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This Chromebook hardly needs another review but I've just been so happy with it lately I thought I'd throw my two cents in here. Of course it's limited in many, many ways, but that's the whole point of buying a Chromebook. I've been using this device for a little over half a semester in college for in class note taking, group work, etc.

I use my desktop for any heavy duty stuff. It's worth noting that I rollerblade to classes, so I was looking for something as light as possible and as durable as possible.

Pros: Very sturdy - I've dropped it many times and the worst that has happened is the rubber edging will have to be popped back into place. Simple as that and it feels totally firm and solid once it's back in place. It's great to not have to treat your Samsung Chromebook 3, Taking notes in school can be a big challenge for students with learning and thinking differences.

They may struggle with writing and organizing their notes while listening. Or they may have trouble keeping up with a teacher because of slow processing speed.

These note-taking apps can help. For more options, check out Tech Finder.

The 10 Best Note-Taking Apps for Your Personal and Professional Life

Price and availability may vary but were accurate as of August 17, Understood does not endorse or receive financial compensation for the sale of any of these products.

With AudioNotestudents can record lectures and type or draw notes at the same time.

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This lets them review the lecture through sound and notes. Evernote lets students take notes across multiple devices. They can create and organize notebooks for different subjects, using lists, text, images, sounds and other media. Notability is a fun tool for taking and organizing notes. Students can draw and type notes, or record audio notes. There are features to capture sound and images from the classroom, as well as add media like photos.

Notes can be shared via email or through services like Google Drive and Dropbox. The app allows kids to get creative with their notes, so students with an artistic side may especially enjoy it.

Like Notability, Whink allows students to draw or type notes, or record audio notes. Students can add sound and images from the classroom and from the web. They can also share their notes.


Inspiration Maps is a mind-mapping tool. A mind map is a way of representing ideas in a visual way.

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